Incus existing ZFS pool

Hey all,

So i have an existing zpool and datasets available on my server. I create a new dataset for incus with zfs create incus, but i can’t seem to get incus to actually use it. When I use zfs and point incus storage to my dataset location, i still end up with an image at:


What I want is for it to actually use my existing zfs dataset. How do i do this?

During incus admin init you can do that by answering no to the question about creating a new zpool, at which point you can provide an existing zpool or dataset name.

After incus admin init you can do it through incus storage create some-name zfs source=zpool/dataset


Thanks that worked. I was trying to do it through the web ui and i guess i was doing something wrong because when i set source to the same dataset on there, it just created a new image on the disk anyway instead of using my existing pool.