Installation steps

Installed by downloading lxc-3.0.1.tar.gz
Executed ./configure && make && sudo make install|

but lxc --version returns nothing.
But tools (like lxc-create,lxc-start ) returns their version as 3.0.1

did i miss anything?

I want to install particular version of lxc 3.0.1 and not the one available from my linux distribution

That’d be because lxc isn’t actually a valid command. lxc is either the LXD client (so completely different thing) or is a shell script that your distribution provided.

The only binaries you’ll get when building LXC are lxc-*

Thank you for the reply…
But when we do “sudo apt-get install lxc” we can see the version for lxc
lxc --version works then.

What is the need of this client then, over the binaries we build for lxc-create, lxc-start …

In Ubuntu, lxc gets you the LXD client.

See Comparing LXD vs. LXC