Is there a way to make managed LVM volume activated on startup, without tying it to any container?

Hello guys! Like in the title. What I try to do is basically to have a volume that is not associated with any container by default, but mounted on the host.

In New LVM behaviour in LXD? - #2 by tomp @tomp mentioned that:

The LVM volumes are deactivated when they are not needed in the same ZFS volumes are, so that their devices do not show on the system.

However you are free to activate them and mount them if needed.

Is there a way to not deactivate a specific volume, so even if it’s not used by any container on boot, it’s still activated?

I would love to be able to mount it in fstab: is it even possible for a volume managed by LXD?

Thats not something we support at this time.

You can create a custom volume using lxc storage volume create and then you can activate it and mount it yourself at boot time if needed.

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