'lxc profile edit' gives error

AlmaLinux 9.3

# snap list lxd
Name  Version        Rev    Tracking    Publisher   Notes
lxd   5.0.3-babaaf8  27948  5.0/stable  canonical✓  in-cohort
# lxc profile edit default
Error: open /tmp/lxd_editor_1680835705: no such file or directory

It worked fine when i’ve just installed lxd a couple of months ago. Now i got this error.

LXD is a snap package which means it has a separate /tmp directory. In that directory no other app can have access. When you run the edit command, the software launches something like pico /tmp/lxd_editor_1680835705 which obviously is not found. It’s a separate /tmp directory.

I’m not sure I follow you.
It’s a separate /tmp directory. OK.
Question is: what should i do to fix ‘Error: open /tmp/lxd_editor_1680835705: no such file or directory’ to be able to edit default profile?

I do not know how it works with LXD. That special tmp directory is in /tmp/snap-private-tmp/snap.lxd/. Applications that are not provided in the same snap package do not have access in there.

This forum provides support for Incus. Also this.