LXD 2.15 has been released

The changes in this release include

New features:

  • “lxc image list” now support column customization.
  • “lxc list” and “lxc image list” now both support table, json, yaml and csv as output formats.
  • It’s now possible to cancel (DELETE) some background operations while they’re downloading content.
  • The “lxc” command line tool was ported from our old client code to the new client package.
    This was the last bit of code which needed porting and we’re now
    planning on removing the old client package from our tree with LXD 2.16.
  • New CopyContainer and CopyContainerSnapshot functions were added to the client package.
  • LXD will now dynamically remap custom storage volumes when attached to containers.


  • client: Add extra exec option to block on I/O
  • client: Fail copy if the source isn’t listening on network
  • client: Fix potential race in event handler setup
  • client: Only set file headers if value is provided
  • doc: Add a note for blkio limits (Issue #3378)
  • doc: Document image refresh API call
  • doc: Fix missing markdown escaping
  • doc: Tweak storage formatting (Issue #3376)
  • lxc/file: Clean source path for recursive push
  • lxc/file: Properly read file permissions on Windows (Issue #3363)
  • lxd/containers: Also support lxc.net..* configuration keys on newer LXC
  • lxd/containers: Check whether the disk device exists on the host before unmount
  • lxd/containers: Detect POLLNVAL when polling during exec (Issue #2964)
  • lxd/containers: Fail if we get EBUSY during startup (Issue #3412)
  • lxd/containers: Use the lxc.network..* configuration keys
  • lxd/db: Replace some uses of InternalError with SmartError
  • lxd/images: Always expand the fingerprint (Issue #3424)
  • lxd/images: If multiple cache hits, pick the latest
  • lxd/images: Properly initialize image info in direct case
  • lxd/images: Skip cached images without auto-update
  • lxd/networks: Always pass --conf-file to dnsmasq (Issue #3367)
  • lxd/networks: Only generate DHCP fw rules if enabled (Issue #3432)
  • lxd/networks: Remove IPv6 leases on container delete
  • lxd/networks: Tweak error in subnet auto detection
  • lxd/patches: Fix bad upgrade for ZFS pools (Issue #3386)
  • lxd/patches: Make sure localdevices are properly updated (Issue #3169)
  • lxd/shutdown: Only timeout if told to (Issue #3434)
  • lxd/storage: Fix ETag calculation for pools
  • lxd/storage: Insert driver correctly (Issue #3386)
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Apply default flags BEFORE detecting type (Issue #3409)
  • lxd/storage/btrfs: Enable filesystem quotas on demand
  • lxd/storage/dir: Still create the needed symlinks on freeze failure
  • lxd/storage/dir: Unfreeze on rsync errors
  • lxd/storage/lvm: Allow non-empty VGs when thinpool exists (Issue #3456)
  • lxd/storage/rsync: Handle sparse files when rsyncing (Issue #3287)
  • lxd/storage/zfs: Fix container snapshot copy (Issue #3395)
  • lxd/storage/zfs: Improve dummy dataset creation (Issue #3399)
  • Makefile: Update pot before po
  • shared/api: API extensions go at the bottom
  • tests: Add more copy/migration tests
  • tests: Add tests for custom storage volume attach
  • tests: Add tests for “lxc file push -r ./”
  • tests: Don’t attempt to finger public remotes
  • tests: Don’t run migration tests again on LVM when backend is random
  • tests: Use in-memory database for tests

Try it for yourself

This new LXD release is already available for you to try on our demo service.


The release tarballs can be found on our download page.

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Ubuntu packages

The Ubuntu package has been uploaded.

Once it passes CI, the package will be automatically published to our various PPAs.

In a few days after additional manual validation is done on LXD 2.15, we’ll be pushing it to our Ubuntu 16.04 LTS users through xenial-backports.

Snap package

The LXD snap is present in the “candidate” channel: snap install --candidate lxd

The LXD snap has been confirmed to work on the following distributions:

  • ArchLinux (unprivileged containers require an alternative kernel)
  • Debian Stretch
  • Fedora 25
  • OpenSUSE 42.2
  • Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu Core 16

Note that upstream LXD still recommends the use of native packages over the snap package when such a package is available. We don’t consider our snap production ready yet, but hope it will soon be.