LXD - new "white-box" networking technologies using LXD

I follow the SDN industry and in today’s world “white box” switches and now routers are very hot products right now.

I came across 2 projects that appear to be idea for those looking for Advanced Networking for LXD and for which I think the new LXC/LXD 3.0 release and the clustering feature announcement are ideal.

First there is Beluganos which already uses LXD: https://github.com/beluganos/beluganos

Beluganos is a new network OS designed for white-box switches (OF-DPA), which can apply large-scale networks.

  • IP Routing (BGP, OSPF, ...)
  • Interoperability with conventional IP or IP/MPLS router
  • ASIC based full hardware processing

Second, reading the Beluganos’ I read the “requirements”:

You can also build Beluganos in the white-box switches, but installing another Ubuntu server is recommended at first.

Ubuntu server
    Ubuntu 16.04 server is strongly recommended.
    Two or more network interfaces are required.
White-box switches
    OF-DPA 2.0 switch and OpenFlow agent are required.
    ** If you don't have OF-DPA switches, any OpenFlow1.3 switches 
    are acceptable to try Beluganos. In this case, we recommend the
    Lagopus switch.

This Lagopus switch software (from NTT - Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) also seems prime for use in an LXD host but perhaps could also be configured to be used in LXD/LXC containers.



So its my guess that you could use a combination of Beleganos & Lagopus & LXD containers to create some pretty powerful Linux based routing/switching capabilities !

I’ve not experimented with the new LXD clustering capabilities yet but mentally I could envision how that could make the above combination very powerful as a large virtual switch/router.

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