Nfs client mount not permitted


I’ve got and nfs server in a container, and a client in another container.

After some problems install nfs on the container I read this

So I setup up the nfs server container like this

printf "mount fstype=rpc_pipefs,\nmount fstype=nfsd," |  lxc config set nfs raw.apparmor -
lxc config set nfs security.privileged true

/etc/exports look like this

/opt/data   *(rw,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash,fsid=root)

And on the nfs server I can mount it

mount localhost:/opt/data /mnt

But from another container with the nfs client installed it doesn’t work

mount nfs_server:/opt/data /mnt/test/
mount.nfs: Operation not permitted

I’ve also tried with the client container as privileged, but it doesn’t work either… :frowning2:

Does anybody have any suggestions?


Ok, I set security.privileged true on the client container too. Now it works.