Question on how best to setup DNS in conjuction with Tailscales magic DNS?

I’ve done some quick digging on how DNS works… as well as how it works specifically with LXD and Tailscale. For back story I have a LXD host with Tailscale installed… it holds an account with a gitlab-runner on it (sans sudo access) that can control LXD via Juju. The LXD networking is the basic default bridge style… so it’s DHCP setup is assigning CIDR for example).

For background on what tailscale is :

My question posed to the Tailscale networking community

But from LXD’s perspective I saw some postings about an LXC/LXD DNS… I am thinking to somehow lean instead into Tailscales magic DNS with subnets… but it is unclear to me if that’s even possible… do I need to run my own BIND on the host instead?? or what is the proper LXD way to setup DNS on those lxbr0 containers so that… if I wanted to … add my nameserver to tailscales list of valid nameservers… I am just guessing here.

About the Host :

x64 hardware - bare metal install, connected to a mikrotik router
Tailscale tailnet installed on the LXD host with SSH and subnet routing enabled (routes

Kubuntu 22.04 LTS
lxc --version == 5.10
juju --version == 2.8.38xxx

So I want to be able to join the tailscale tailnet with client A , client B … and all of them should be able to hit


and it will hit some LXD container inside the host on say

I can already ping these containers successfully but now looking how best to setup DNS.

References I am looking over :

BIND - how to -

mDNS - seems related but… more for LXD clustering… where as I am a single host Introducing MicroCloud

LXD has DNS I can setup ? Cannot resolve non-LXD domains within containers after setting up .lxd DNS resolution

The readthedocs seemed 404’d or under maintenance

Perhaps this is the right doc to get started if I want to setup LXD’s own DNS? and then forward that nameserver to tailscale ?

looks like I found a possible next step

Do I setup this “BIND” service in a LXC container… within the network bridge or outside of it… and then point my lxbr0 network towards it via these config settings referenced above ?