WebUI blank page


I am new to Incus and have no previous experience with lxd (some limited with lxc).

I am having trouble accessing the webui. I am trying to access the ui on https://privateip:8443. I get the certificate warning and after accepting I am redirected to https://privateip:8443/ui/. That page is just a blank page, with a soruce of <pre></pre>.

The machine where I’ve installed Incus is a freshly installed Debian Bookworm VM. I installed Incus by adding the zabbly-incus-stable repo and running:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install incus
sudo adduser linus incus-admin
newgrp incus-admin
incus admin init
incus config show
  core.https_address: :8443

Feels like I am missing something. Haven’t found anything in the documentation that helps me out and I do not really know how to debug this further.

After reading this post: Cannot reach Incus UI from web browser I noticed that my /opt/incus/ui is empty.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you simply didn’t install the incus-ui-canonical package.

That did the trick :slight_smile: Thanx!