What LXD breaking features have been added to Incus?

On an early Incus announcement page I read the following:

The goal of Incus is to provide a fully community led alternative to Canonical’s LXD as well as providing an opportunity to correct some mistakes that were made during LXD’s development which couldn’t be corrected without breaking backward compatibility.

Now I’m wondering what are the uncorrectable mistakes in the development of LXD that Incus is now addressing?

See the list of changes listed in the Incus 0.1 release as that’s when we had the opportunity to remove some features and make changes that would otherwise not be suitable for a stable release: Incus 0.1 has been released

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Interesting. I was not aware of VFS idmap shifting in the kernel. Looks like this was only added in 5.19, and the default kernel on Ubuntu 22.04 is 5.15, but an upgrade to the HWE 6.2 kernel is easy enough.

I think on Ubuntu systems it probably makes sense to stick to LXD, but Incus will be great for everyone else. Thanks.