LXD snap transitioning to core20 and losing i386 support


This is a quick announcement that we have begun the transition of the LXD snap from core18 (Ubuntu 18.04) over to core20 (Ubuntu 20.04).

Currently this only affects the latest/edge channel, the next stage will be the setup of latest/beta which will match latest/candidate but use a core20 base and then after a few more weeks of testing, we’ll eventually flip latest/candidate and latest/stable over.

Then again a few more weeks after that and we’ll have the 4.0/candidate and 4.0/stable channels follow suit.

Most users will not see any difference other than one LXD refresh taking a bit longer than usual as the new core will be downloaded. Some others will see things working a bit better thanks to the newer bundled version of bundled utilities and the snap shrinking a bit thanks to not having to carry as many of them.

The one main downside of this transition is the loss of i386 support as Ubuntu 20.04 doesn’t have an i386 version anymore. Users of LXD on i386 represent 0.0063% of our userbase at the moment so we don’t expect this to be much of a problem.

Note that this does not affect the ability to run i386 containers on a amd64 host, this will keep working as usual.

Please use this post to report any issue you’re seeing as this gets rolled out!

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4.0/edge is being rebuilt with core20 now too.