LXD related openings at Canonical Ltd


Canonical Ltd. is expanding its investment into LXD with a total of 5 additional roles.
The primary focus of this effort is around scalability and clustering as well as developing compelling solutions using LXD for our customers.

All positions are 100% remote with some travel for internal events and conferences.

Application process

Canonical is currently rolling out a standardized hiring process across the company.

All applications need an up to date CV as well as a short personalized cover letter.
The rough process currently looks like (subject to change depending on positions):

  • Review of new applications (by our hiring team)
  • Generic written test (questionnaire)
  • Short initial interview (meet & greet)
  • Psychometric test (through an external provider)
  • Second short interview with another manager
  • Job-specific written test (questionnaire or coding)
  • Couple of technical interviews
  • Final interview

The written tests are sent out by e-mail with plenty of time to complete them.
We also usually do not perform any live coding tests, instead mostly being interested in discussing your past experience with various topics and technologies, thoughts on the work we’d like you to do, …

Reach out to us

If you have contributed to one of our projects or are active here on this forum and we’re likely to know you, please drop me a private message on the forum after submitting your application and I’ll make sure to add whatever context I have to your application!

Open positions

1x Technical writer (LXD & Anbox)

This position has been filled

Link: https://grnh.se/6888cabb1us
Location: Americas or Europe
Reports to: LXD manager (@stgraber)

This role is for a technical writer to join the LXD team and help write and maintain the LXD and Anbox Cloud documentation, tutorials, website and marketing content.

You will work with both the LXD and Anbox teams and communities to develop and maintain the documentation and content for those projects.

2x Software engineer (Go)

Those position have been filled

Link: https://grnh.se/9e2f04fa1us
Location: Americas or Europe
Reports to: LXD manager (@stgraber)

This role is focused on the development of additional services to help with LXD scalability.

We’re looking for Go developers with experience in REST API design and implementation as well as good database design and data management background.

1x Software engineer (ops)

This position has been filled

Link: https://grnh.se/aef1e8b31us
Location: Americas or Europe
Reports to: LXD manager (@stgraber)

The focus of this role is on LXD scalability with a focus on integrating with deployment and datacenter management tooling like Juju and MAAS. This will also cover the optimal configuration and integration with authentication systems and logging, monitoring and auditing stacks.

1x Product manager

This position has been filled

Link: https://grnh.se/53f0cc391us
Location: Europe
Reports to: Head of product management

This role encompasses leadership of our product plan and go-to-market for Linux virtualization, software-defined networking and storage. KVM, Ceph, OVS and related technologies enable sophisticated and large-scale compute operations. Canonical’s Ubuntu is the platform of choice for innovators building on this foundation, and we have created a dedicated role to lead our efforts in private cloud. The successful candidate will have a deep personal interest in Linux kernel, virtualisation, storage and networking, and an ability to articulate a comprehensive, integrated vision for these technologies.

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At this point all LXD related positions have been filled.

We’re currently busy planning for 2022 and will most likely be expanding the LXD team even more then, so stay tuned for another post like this in early 2022!